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I'll Try It Out

Anybody hear about Rozerem? I saw a commercial for it the other day. It looks rather promising. Here is a link to the website:

Anybody try this? I'm making an appointment with my doctor and I hope she'll let me try it. If I get it, I'll let you know how it goes.

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Battling with DSPS

I appear to have a combination of DSPS (Delayed Sleep Phase Syndome, makes me fall asleep much too late) and non-24 sleep-wake cycle (left to its own devices, my body runs on a 25 hour clock). I can keep the latter in check by using a lightbox every morning, but while I was falling asleep at the right time for a good few months, I went on holiday last month, it knocked my rhythms out as well as completely exhausting me (I have severe ME) and I've ended up falling asleep at 4-5 am for a while. I've got a friend coming to stay on Wednesday and this is generally causing trouble. Sleeping pills are out of the question, the last time I tried one I ended up hallucinating.

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I'm here because I've had ME/CFIDS for seven years now. This means that among other problems, I have a cow of a time keeping my sleep cycle in check and getting refreshing sleep.

To complicate matters, I also have Obstructive Sleep Apnoea and a few other things(namely Crohn's Disease and it's related problems, intermittent PCOS, osteopaenia, blah blah blah, you can tell I'm rather bored with it all, can't you?) The Obstructive Sleep Apnoea and the effects of medication for Crohn's Disease(prednisolone) don't help with the sleep issues.

I'm hoping to hear about other people's experiences managing complicated bodyclocks. Especially interested in hearing about the effectiveness of light therapy and of the different lightboxes that are available.



hello there everyone, im lily.

i guess there are two reasons that i am interested in this community. first, i have seasonal depression, and have been using a sunlamp for the past three years, but last year it didnt work as well as it did when i first started, so i am interested in other ideas about light therapy, and how being careful about other cycles, like, sleeping and eating schedules, might make october - april a bit easier for me. also, i am very closely attuned to my menstrual cycle. first, it works like a clock (really, like a calendar), and i am generally careful (although not as much now as i used to be) to record its comings and goings. ive done this sort of record keeping since i was thirteen, but, surprisingly, it never occurred to me how important this hormonal fluctuation is to me until last year when i started taking birth control and, well, it drove me crazy.

so, i am quite affected by natural cycles, for better and for worse. im very excited to find this community, and i hope there will be some lively discussion on it, although im unclear as to what form exactly that discussion will take. :D

oh, does anyone know where i could find a pretty moon calendar to buy online? i had a really nice one but, well, it was for 2004. i would also love to find one that had more than one year.
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My intro

Hi, I'm the mod. I've suffered from ME for the last eight years, and sleep disorders (probably DSPS and non-24 sleep-wake cycle) for around fifteen. I started using a lightbox a few months ago for the sleep disorders, and I've been using a dawn simulator as a nice alarm clock for a while. It's helping those quite a bit, and more interestingly, the ME seems to be improving and I think it's regulating my menstrual cycle. So I'm now very curious about biological rhythms in general, I just read a book called The Body Clock Guide to Better Health which was pretty good, and I'm definitely interested to see what can be done with light therapy. I keep a health journal at mysticalbaggage, and I'm good at keeping up the tags if you want to do something like nip over and see what I've been doing just with light therapy.
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I originally stuck this extract up while testing the layout, but hey, it makes a good introduction too. There's more on the user info page.

This community is for discussing biological rhythms in humans and how they relate to various conditions. We have a particular interest in light therapy.

From Wikipedia:
Chronobiology is a field of biology that examines time-related phenomena in living organisms. These cycles are important in many essential biological processes that occur in a "scheduled" fashion, such as eating, sleeping, mating, hibernating, migration, and cellular regeneration.

The most important rhythm in chronobiology is the circadian rhythm, which refers to the 24-hour daily biological cycle; however, many other important cycles are also studied, including:

Infradian rhythms, which are long-term cycles, such as the annual migration or reproduction cycles found in certain animals or the monthly menstrual cycle of human females.
Ultradian rhythms, which are short cycles, such as the 90-minute REM cycle in sleep or the 3 hour cycle of growth hormone production. They have periods of less than 24 hours.
Tidal rhythms, commonly observed in marine life, which follow the (roughly) 12-hour transition from high to low tide and back.

Please do not post rants about having a bad time with your illness, or questions such as "am I pregnant?" which would best be discussed elsewhere.

Do let me know if you have any ideas about this community, for instance what to put on the user info page.