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My intro - Biological Rhythms, Chronomedicine & Light Therapy

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July 30th, 2005

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11:24 pm - My intro
Hi, I'm the mod. I've suffered from ME for the last eight years, and sleep disorders (probably DSPS and non-24 sleep-wake cycle) for around fifteen. I started using a lightbox a few months ago for the sleep disorders, and I've been using a dawn simulator as a nice alarm clock for a while. It's helping those quite a bit, and more interestingly, the ME seems to be improving and I think it's regulating my menstrual cycle. So I'm now very curious about biological rhythms in general, I just read a book called The Body Clock Guide to Better Health which was pretty good, and I'm definitely interested to see what can be done with light therapy. I keep a health journal at mysticalbaggage, and I'm good at keeping up the tags if you want to do something like nip over and see what I've been doing just with light therapy.

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Date:July 30th, 2005 11:41 pm (UTC)
ME is a neuro-immune disorder, if you go to the user info page for cfids_me they have good links on it.

Apparently you can regulate menstrual cycles by leaving a light on at night on days, er, I think it's 13 through 17. A 100W bare bulb three feet away from your head is what's recommended by the research; how anyone sleeps through that I have no idea. My cycle is generally a bit shorter than 28 days, ranging around but most often 25-6, though since using the lightbox I suspect it's moving to 28. Which feels really odd, I've grown up with a cycle that varies by up to ten days, having one that's 28 on the dot would feel unnatural!

So did you notice differences in anything hormone related (PMSy type things, hormonal headaches, skin, whatever) when your cycle finally settled down?
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